Machinery and plant manufacturers and users

For over 30 years, SGF has been a reliable source for solutions to industrial noise problems faced by both Manufacturers and Users of noisy machinery and plant in various industrial sectors, such as:

  • paper and cardboard manufacturing and processing
  • cold forging of metals
  • hot forging of metals and foundries
  • wire and cable processing
  • shot-blasting, mass-metal finishing, grinding, surface treatments
  • energy and outdoor environment
  • foodstuffs and domestic appliances
  • soundproofing systems

SGF carries out sound analysis and draws up a map of the noises found inside the industrial plant; it conducts feasibility studies on the various sound abatement measures that could be adopted, depending on the environmental conditions; it comes up with the best solution for the customer, and manufacturers and installs the chosen solution; this is followed by certification of conformity and checking of final noise levels.