Who we are and what we do

From 1986 SGF has designed and produced engineering solutions for noise abatement and control in various industrial sectors: whether working with manufacturers or users of noise-producing plant and machinery, SGF tries to resolve every industrial noise problem by tackling the problem at its source and, where it is not possible to operate directly on the source of the noise, by acting on the reflected noise using noise-abatement treatments. All the work is carried out within the company, with a production chain that is outstanding in the sector.


SGF boasts over thirty years’ experience and expertise in the industrial noise-abatement market, carefully selected materials, extremely precise working methods matched by a genuine touch of craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technologies for diagnosing noise problems and identifying the appropriate solution.

Research & Develop

SGF is constantly engaged in researching and updating its know-how in the sector, and is continually developing new models for production, sensitivity in terms of the style and industrial design of its products, modularity in the technical solutions available, and the highest levels of efficiency in terms of times and processes.

Design and improvement

SGF strives to constantly improve its products from the technical and stylistic point of view, enabling it to offer customers the very best in terms of industrial noise abatement.

Facts and figures

  • Founded in 1986: consolidated experience in the sector
  • The company is led by 3 members of the Lerda family: the focus is firmly on customer needs
  • A well-integrated team of highly-specialised and qualified personnel: precise working procedures, faultless construction, craftsmanship, and attention to detail
  • A Personalised Project for every customer: soundproofing tailored to specific needs
  • A turnkey project: the entire design and production chain remains within the company
  • Over 4000 noise-abatement work orders successfully carried out in Italy and abroad
  • Over 700 clients, some for over 30 years, appreciative of a sensible, collaborative and reliable partnership
  • Certified turnkey service (CSQ ISO9000:2008): from analytic diagnosis to on-site commissioning
  • 1 association, 1 Chairman: Stefano Lerda is Chairman of the Association CIADI-ANIMA (Confindustria), which, since it was founded, has offered help in the regulatory-legislative field, by simplifying the understanding and application of standards and their correct interpretation; constant updating is important not only from the technological-stylistic point of view, but also from the regulatory-legislative point of view.

Organisational chart

A family company: generational continuity

Stefano Lerda, the current Ciadi Chairman, works alongside his father Franco Lerda, the company’s founder: an engineering graduate, specialising in acoustics at Ferrara University , he is a member. Stefano and his father Franco have also made a significant contribution to the development of UNI standards. The company is fully owned by the Lerda family.
Organisational chart
Organisational chart