Baffles are used to reduce noise generated by reverberation by means of absorption.

SGF has designed several types of baffles to suit a variety of environments, both from the acoustic point of view and in relation to the micro-climatic conditions in the place where the baffle is to be installed.

Depending on each individual case, therefore, the most suitable surface finish is recommended, such as:

  • Metallic mylars (oil-resistant)
  • Glass fibre polyurethane linings (emulsion mists)
  • Sanitizable materials for the foodstuff sector
  • etc.

A special frame, consisting of perforated, galvanized L-shape profiles, is used to hold the baffles, which are structured as follows:

  • Perimeter frame in pre-painted metal or aluminium
  • A flame-proof, sound-absorbing element with suitable protection
  • Attachment hooks

Standard dimensions: 600×1200 mm. Different measures are available up to 600×2000 mm (thickness from 40 to 50 mm).

Sound-absorbing treatment
for a school canteen

Sound-absorbing treatment
of a gym

Acoustic treatment
for workstations by means of bi-absorbing wallss

Sound-absorbing treatment
for a press department with suspended baffles

Acoustic correction
for a common area