Produzione cabine acustiche

Soundproof cabins

We design and produce soundproof cabins in various dimensions

silenziatore ad assorbimento


SGF designs and manufactures noise-absorbing silencers

Camere anecoiche

Noise testing cabins

SGF designs and manufactures anechoic and semi-anechoic measuring chambers for measuring the amount of noise

Baffers fonoassorbenti

Sound-absorbing treatments

Baffles are used to reduce noise generated by reverberation by means of absorption

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Since 1986 SGF has been serving the companies for soundproof systems for industries

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How we operate

SGF S.r.l. operates in the field of soundproof systems for industries by designing, producing and building soundproof systems such as: cabins, silencers, measuring chambers and sound damping treatments.

Internally, we take care of the entire design and production chain by providing specialized advice on applied acoustics.

Production engineering department

The study of our soundproofing operations takes place on working stations equipped with 2D Autocad e 3D Inventor softwares.
The phonometric instrumentation is used to test the residual sound level and also to provide assistance to our manufacturer customers, where they install our sound enclosures.


Our workshop of around 2000 square meters surface is made up of 3 departments: sheet metal processing with cutting edge equipment, mechanical structural work and insulation. We can also provide the installation to the final customer, through our high specialized personel.



Always careful to give our best and to ensure our customers the highest quality, we adopt all the good practice standards related to soundproof cabins for machinery and production lines. In particular, we pay attention both to the safety of

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SGF srl

SGF srl

Who we are and what we do From 1986 SGF has designed and produced engineering solutions for noise abatement and control in various industrial sectors: whether working with manufacturers or users of noise-producing plant and machinery, SGF tries to resolve

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