Excellent service assistance

SGF offers customers all the service assistance they might need:

  • Determining noise levels as prescribed by the Machinery Directive,
  • Conducting verification and inspection procedures
  • Proposing research and development solutions according to the customer’s needs

All sound-proofing procedures are certified with appropriate manuals of conformity.

SGF provides all the diagnosis, information and advice needed to ensure compliance with legal requirements and community directives relating to machinery, personnel, working areas and outdoor areas.

How we operate

  • Acoustic Measurement and Analysis aimed at obtaining the desired result
  • Development of possible solutions
  • Construction and manufacture
  • Packaging adapted to fit a container and/or a truck
  • If required, installation and assembly at the customer’s premises
  • Provision of assembly/disassembly kit for easy, rapid maintenance
  • Easy assembly and disassembly for easy, rapid maintenance
  • Manual of conformity in the language of the destination country
  • Acoustic inspection of work carried out