Treatment of working and external areas

SGF has over 30 years’ experience of providing acoustic treatments for both indoor working environments and outdoor areas: the overall aim is to reduce noise to the lowest possible level to reduce worker’s exposure to noise and to reduce outdoor environmental noise so that it complies with current regulations.

Acoustic treatments of working outdoor areas include:

  • An acoustic or soundproofing cabin
  • Noise-prevention systems and silencers (acoustic curtains and suspended sound-absorbing elements (baffles)
  • Full and partial soundproofing systems (operator cabins, partial on-board machine interventions)
  • Noise abatement

SGF collaborates with companies, consultants and technicians working in the field of sound and acoustics to prepare and draught the Corporate Noise Exposure Reduction Plan, which is legally required under L. 81/08; the aim is to verify and avoid exceeding the upper noise limit, by carrying out noise on-site measurements, analysing the current situation and indicating the soundproofing measures available, while also providing quantitative analysis of the noise levels that may be achieved and quantifying the cost.