SGF designs and manufactures noise-absorbing silencers for ventilation systems and dust suction systems.

SGF silencers are conceived and designed to reduce self-generation of noise and load losses.

The choice of sound-absorbing materials to use depends not only on the specific sound abatement requirements, but also on the physical and chemical properties of the fluid that will be passing through the silencers.

Sound absorbing silencer

of paper industry

Aisi 316 aerodynamic panel silencer
for the paper industry

Sound absorption silencer for large airflow

Noise absorption silencer
for small airflow

Reactive silencer
with bi-absorbing outer casing for insertion in the air outlet conduit for a food manufacturing company

Silencer for utility room ventilation in an aeronautical company

Soundproof cabin
with high acoustic abatement designed for an endothermic engine of high pressure water pump

Soundproof cabin
for hospital compressor

Soundproof installation
for tennis court burner

Sound-resistant building
for 8 vacuum pumps